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Xenia Helix





Well, hello there again!

Let's get to know each other because nothing like a personal connection allows for the most sincere and honest pictures. I will start first and hopefully, we meet soon in person or online so you can tell me all about yourself too :)


About 30 years ago I was born in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Yes, the one from Anastasia movie. And every Sunday during elementary and middle school times I was going (or should I say I was forced to go by my mom) to Hermitage aka Winter Palace for excursions. Did I like as a kid waking up early on Sundays and go there? Hell no. Do I appreciate it now? Of course. Thanks, mom!  It definitely shaped my taste and ability to see beauty.


Also, in the evenings after my regular school, I would go to the art-school (painting, drawing, sculpture, batik). I liked it, but I wasn't too good, my hands won't draw things exactly how I envisioned them in my head, the colors were great, but the objects themselves or perspective not as fascinating as I wanted.


Years passed, I chose the College of Tourism and Hospitality and the creative part of me was silent for a while. Until when at 19 years old I took a camera in my hands (the real deal DSLR Canon)  and suddenly I time-traveled back to the art school, but this time everything worked out - what I saw in my head I saw on the screen. What a Eureka moment!

And here we are, a decade later through numerous photosessions, art projects, weddings, personal exhibitions, own wedding planning agency, different countries, life-changing moments, priorities shaping events, evolving style, and still the obsession with light, colors, people's stories and love, and still struggling to write an "about me" section on my site.


  • Shows I wish to unwatch and then watch again: "The Big Bang Theory", "Great British Baking Show" and "Queer Eye"

  • My two favorite cocktails: Mango Jalapeno Margarita and Gin with Campari and Grapefruit Juice.

  • I struggle to understand what my husband means by saying "Isn't it too many plants in our apartment?". Someone help!

  • I am a dog person, who recently became a cat mom to two adorable cats named Boston and Moxie.

  • I hate water chestnuts and styrofoam of any kind, it makes my teeth cringe.

  • After most weddings, I will come home and watch a wedding movie. I might see someone about this condition.

  • I loOoove nature, but not quite like our honeymoon trip to the Amazonian Forest through the jungles and swamps.

  • My second passion after photography is organizing. Seriously from a junk drawer organizing to someone's event.

  • Got my driving license on the 4th attempt, what a shame.

  • If I know your date and time of birth, I am already making a natal chart to know you even better.

  • Psychology and medicine enthusiast! In a parallel Universe, I am either therapist, doctor or mortician (!).

  • Childhood dream career - a good witch.

  • Sometimes my humor comes out as dark, cynic, and sarcastic, but most of the time, I laugh about myself anyway, so nothing personal, please, I deeply care about you muuah <3


On the days that I don't photograph, which were plenty in 2020 (ha-ha) I spend most of the time with my husband Cesar, and Boston the cat (we got Moxie in 2021, cuz Boston didn't do well with back to normal and felt lonely). They are awesome guys and we watch Netflix together, play with the feather and jump the shelves. Not to brag, but I am a chef's daughter (well I am bragging) and I love to cook fancy-schmancy stuff and do that well. Also, I take care of my little herb garden and aquarium. Half of the tank is pregnant all the time, do you need any little ones? 


My other passion is organizing. I am yet to find the "perfect" system in every aspect of running a household that will serve and work for me for years. I am on a constant organizing journey and search for the best quality to-last-forever items to surround myself with and never think of them again to get free time to do more, and I love this process, and if you let me, I'll help you too!

Also, I am constantly educating myself and buying (and of course watching) tutorials, workshops, and online courses. It brings me real pleasure to learn new things and polish my skills.


The new discovery of 202o is crocheting! Completed a king-size blanket, very proud of it. Embroidery is next on my list. 

Another ongoing project is 10 000 steps a day with my friend, and we are failing miserably (don't judge).

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