How much does candid wedding photography cost in Boston?

As I kick off my 8th wedding season, I feel it is not so fair for the clients, when photographers make such a mystery out of their pricing, and trying to get an appointment first, making you spend your time and only then reveal their price information.


No secrets anymore! you can see all the necessary information below.


At Xenia Helix Photography I offer a variety of pre-set collections, all of them are fully customizable.


Elopements or intimate weddings are available starting as little as 2 hours, Add-on options are available upon request.  


To give you detailed package information, I need to know a little bit more about your wedding plans. Please don't hesitate to contact me and fill out the form, that will help me to understand your needs and send you the best matching offer.



WEDDINGS | starting at $2400

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Wedding collections range between $2400 and $7800. Add-on options are available with every package.
All packages are different in hourly coverage, type, size and number of albums and additional services.
Each collection is a complete bundle offer, the discount is already build in, so it is a good opportunity to catch the real deal. Every collection includes:

- two 1.5 hour consultations in person

- help with timeline of the wedding day

- photography coverage by Xenia Helix

- an assistant helping Xenia Helix during the day

- hand-edited one-by-one high resolution digital files 

- beautiful password-protected online gallery  

- crystal "Xenia Helix Photography" usb-stick 

- signature archival photo album

CONTACT ME for more detailed information

Wedding session in Boston Public Garden

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ENGAGEMENTS | starting at $550

Engagement session in Piers Park, Boston
I offer different type of engagement sessions, from 1-1,5 hour with a few outfit changes to the full day coverage engagements.
I will help you to choose a perfect location and will guide you  through entire session. Don't worry - we will make it fun!
There are no rules when to book your engagement session, but if you are going to use those pictures for the "save the dates" or wedding invitations, please plan ahead.
Don't forget to bring champagne to celebrate such a great day!

CONTACT ME for more detailed information

I appreciate your investment...

  • I appreciate your time that you've spend on my website
  • I appreciate your consideration for me to be your wedding photographer
  • I appreciate your patience reading this
Even without spending any cent you've already invested a lot in finding the right photographer for you. Therefore I would like to sum up my wedding philosophy points for you, to make your research easier. In my services I:
  • Strive to capture the essence of the moment
  • Anticipate and seek these moments
  • Exceed my client's expectations
  • Creating an unforgettable experience for the client
  • Stretch the boundaries of art and creativity, using any and every available tool
  • Pursue a technical and compositional perfection in every image
  • Always appreciate my clients because they enable me to witness their love
Unique purple wedding dress
Personal consultations
Two consultations that I provide, could be done in person (if we both leave in Boston or nearby areas) or by Skype/Facetime. I would absolutely prefer to do it virtually, than not to do it at all. Of course every copule is unique and planning their wedding differently, but typically clients book my services one year prior to a wedding date.
So in this case first consultation usually happen around contract signing time, when you don't know too much details about her wedding yet. That is where I can be extremely helpful to explain how is the wedding day usually goes from photography perspective, what need to be done to achieve certain photography goals.
That is when I help bride to create a draft-timeline of the wedding day. I want to put a seed in every bride's head of importance of trusting your photographer and listen to an experienced advise, since actually photography (videography) is the only thing that will preserve moments of the day. Second consultation is typically happen any time from 6 to 2 month before the wedding date. Where we can polish details, discuss plan B in case of weather issues, adjust photography needs with another vendors and schedule complexity.
Beautiful bride, unusual dress with big shoulder flower
Wedding day timeline
Help with a timeline of the wedding day is a very valuable piece of service that I include in my packages at Xenia Helix Photography. First of all I saw so many weddings, where the bride got confused by many vendors's advises, who were mostly interested in their section of the day only, so her timeline would get completely unrealistic and would fall apart on the BIG day.
Besides all inner beauty, feelings, love and joy, wedding day is also about investment. VERY BIG INVESTMENT. And I am talking about everything from purchasing a bridal garter to the wedding band fee and to the rent price of a wedding venue. This is so much to spend money on, and most of that is one-time-use or one day spendings. Therefore I understand importance of documenting all those small and huge details, in a manner that it will allow me to spend fair amount of time to do so. 
Interesting  fact: Xenia Helix used to have her own wedding-planning agency in Russia and planned many successful and happy weddings. She knows the whole structure of the day, brides's and grooms's needs, also she is attentive and respectful to all other vendors.
Gorgeous sparkling peach bridesmaids dresses, by Xenia Helix Photogrphy
Photography coverage
Photography coverage by Xenia Helix and her assistant.
I am a solo shooter with an assistant, who does not photograph, who is just there to help me to cary and hand the gear, help to set up lights on location, help to organize people for group portraits and so on.
I know there are a lot of photography teams out there who
include a second shooter in all their packages. But it is not necessary for me. I prefer to work alone as a primary shooter, that how I began and worked through my entire career.
I don't like to rely on anybody else and hope they got the moment that I've missed. Though I always keep my self sharp and extremely attentive and not missing moments. I can be a single shooter and still get grooms reaction and bride's face as walking down the aisle, I can get how is the maid of honor gives her speech and bride's and groom's reaction as well, and so so on.  
Beautiful beach wedding in MA, bridal party swssion idea, by Xenia Helix Photogrphy
Sometimes there are situations when I would recommend to hire a second shooter (I have this option available as an add-on for every package). Every wedding is unique as long as bridal needs and number of guests.
Most of my focus during the day is on the bride and the groom and of course on the significant moments like parent dances, speeches, bridesmaids surprises and so on. I feel absolutely comfortable as a single shooter to cover weddings up to 150 guests, when client doesn't require portrait of every guest or cocktail hour coverage at the same time of the family formals.
Also if the getting ready for the groom and the bride happens at the same hotel, I can easily cover them both. But if coverage of both getting ready is needed and they placed far apart, that is also the case when I would recommend a second photographer.
Stunning bride and her wedding rolls-royce phantom v, in MA, by Xenia Helix Photography
Hand edited one-by-one high resolution digital files. I personally do all postproduction for the pictures and find it extremely important part of my services. I don't do any cheesy things like adding frames, hearts, rainbow or fake rain.
Instead I culling down the pictures one by one, going through each of them aiming for quality over quantity (each package description includes rough amount of pictures you are going to get, but I will never delete a pictures just in sake of deleting it just because I've told you this package includes 800 pictures so the 801's is going to the trash).
After culling pictures, I will color-correct them (one at the time) to perfection and remove little blemishes. I am not going to change anything and make it what it wasn't, but I will enhance what it was. The footage that I take during the wedding is already responding with the wedding style and upcoming postproduction, most of the work is still done in my camera. I always deliver consistent and quality result, but style of editing might vary, upon to fulfill a wedding style.
Interesting fact: Xenia Helix worked as a retoucher in a German photo-company Foto Raabe since she was 16 years old and continued almost for 5 years.
Hand edited pictures
Stunning scenery im Massachusetts for wedding photography, by Xenia Helix Photgraphy
Every digital file is a final beautiful product that I will deliver to you in a stunning online-gallery as such protected with personalized password and exclusive client access code. 
That will allow you immediately to get your files and download pictures in variety of sizes (from web-size format to original high res) watermark-free, to share whole gallery or certain pictures at any social media of your choice, create favorite list and hide pictures from the gallery, that you don't want any of your friends/family to see (even if they have a download password, given by you), also you can purchase right away prints and canvases that are not included in your package, from green and responsible photo-lab, located in California.
Asian wedding in lavender colors, beautiful bridal party shot, by Xenia Hlix Photography
Photo albums
Signature archival photo albums. All preset collections at Xenia Helix Photography include photo albums. I firmly believe, that pictures shall be printed and not only remain on cd/usb/online. Even though I deliver images online and on usb stick, it is more of giving respect to living in the XXI century and acknowledging how immediate everything has to be, that most of us don't have patience anymore and really are under affect of social media.
But in my opinion it is not the facebook link you are going to send to your children in future to show them how the family begun, and it's not a usb you will mail to your grandparents from another state, who couldn't make it to your wedding  - it is a photo album, that you can touch, appreciate material it's made of and go through it page by page, almost feeling that day on the tips of your fingers. Treat a photo album as an insurance policy for your pictures and memories, that I've included in your package. You will thank me later.
Stunning winter rustic wedding, by Xenia Helix Photography
Because I personally treat a wedding photo album as a heirloom, I only aim for the highest quality without compromises. All of the album at Xenia Helix Photography packages are designed by me and hand made at the manufacturer with the top notch premium materials as a natural linen, eco leatherette or genuine leather.
Albums are lay-flat, have 180' panoramic spreads and allow to place one picture at two pages at the same time, without loosing a single detail in the middle. This is an absolutely luxury product, you will be proud to show to all your friends a family. À la carte option are available to add extra albums to any package.
Chinese bride in her traditional wedding gown, by Xenia Helix Photography
À la carte options
À la carte options are mainly exist so you can create your own custom-made package, according to your unique needs. Lets say you are going to have a very small elopement followed by cozy dinner in the restaurant with immediate family. You only need 4 hours of coverage, but still want to order the largest leather album from my collection to yourself and pair of parent albums. Absolutely! Congratulations, you've just created a custom package. Pay only for what you need.
Though, whenever you buy just hourly photography coverage it still comes with following:
- one 1.5 hour consultations in person
- help with timeline of the wedding day
- photography coverage by Xenia Helix
- an assistant helping Xenia Helix during the day
- hand-edited one-by-one high resolution digital files 
- beautiful password-protected online gallery with your digital high-resolution files, watermark-free
Summer Engagement photosession at Wellesley College, by Xenia Helix Photography
Big collections are already have engagement session pre-included as a compliment, so you completely free to use this opportunity or not. Many couples would like to include engagement session images in their wedding design - using pictures for the guest book, for the center pieces, slideshows, gift table stands and so on.
Also, for many it is a great practice to be professionally photographed together for the first time before the wedding day. 
If you would love to have an engagement shoot, I will help you with pleasure to choose a location in Boston, or any other great place in Massachusetts. I can help you with props ideas and give advise regardless the total "couple look".
Engagement sessions are  also available as an add-on item to any custom package.
Beautiful sunflower wding at Ipswich Country Club, by Xenia Helix Potography
Why to choose Xenia Helix Photography?
I understand your struggle to choose the right photographer for you in the ocean of professionals. So I would love to write down couple facts about me as a professional photographer, that will help to separate me from the rest of competition. Just few things that make me different, and may be this difference is exactly what you are looking for.
- I am more than 12 years in the photography industry. Started at 16 as a retoucher, at 19 as a portrait        photographer and at 20 as a wedding photographer.
- I have 5 years at the school of general arts. It didn't make me a great painter (yeah, thats true) but gave me an eye for colors, composition, and also understanding of beauty.
- I used to own a wedding planning agency and plan many beautiful weddings along with being a photographer.
- I am highly experienced and trained to work in different weather and light conditions, from bright sunny afternoon in July to late snowing evening in January.
- I am not only a natural light shooter, I am also advanced shooter in off and on camera flash photography
- I have a fresh eastern-european view on a wedding photography, which can bring spice and creativity to your pictures.
- I am a certified make up & hair stylist, I can give you valuable suggestions for your makeover as a professional photographer, who understands how make up and camera work together. In case there is a force majeure with your stylist on a wedding day, I can step in and save the world.
- I love weddings, I am a wedding junkie. You have to know that ♡
Gorgeous and elegant snowfall wedding, by  Xenia Helix Photograhy
We will make it YOUR day!
I am not going to change a weather, a wedding day or light - I just going to find magic at every moment and place that we will be given. We will make it YOUR day no matter what.