Hi! I am Xenia Helix (she/her)

and ALL are welcome here!

Good vibes and positive energy are my guiding forces. I'm on the lookout for kindred spirits who connect with my work!

I'm here to celebrate you and your loved ones, to capture genuine moments and memories as you navigate this special time in your life.

My storytelling approach seamlessly weaves together candid, unrehearsed, soulful images capturing feelings, directed statement shots, classic portraits, and editorial details for your family chronicles.

More About Xenia

Embracing Love in Every Shade, Every Form, Every shape, Every Faith, Every Identity.

Your TRUE SELF, Captured with Inclusivity and Dedication

“We are so lucky to have these pictures and memories for years to come. I am thrilled that we crossed paths and know that whomever she will work with in the future will certainly be lucky to have her by their side!”

Why choose Xenia?

I am a Boston-based wedding photographer committed to inclusivity, passionately dedicated to capturing and celebrating your unique love story!

What sets me apart? Years of experience, continually honing my skills, a relentless pursuit of beautiful light, unwavering personal values, a profound passion for love stories, and an earnest desire to share all of this with you until the last drop – that's what I bring to the table.

I consider myself a family-oriented photographer. For me, capturing your grandparents dancing together is just as significant, if not more so, than photographing your first dance. I take the time to acquaint myself with your family members and keep a watchful eye on them throughout the day.

Love, to me, takes on every conceivable shape and form, extending beyond the newlyweds to encompass the warmth from parents, the camaraderie of friends, and the subtle, unspoken moments that often go unnoticed.

Those connections that bind humans together are the most precious and timeless treasures we will ever have.

With the art of photography, you'll have these cherished memories to hold close to your heart and pass down through the generations. Choosing me as your photographer means an experience that goes beyond capturing moments – it's about weaving the tapestry of your unique love story with inclusivity, warmth, and an unwavering commitment to family bonds.

Moments You Can Touch

Memories You Can Hold

Timeless storytelling for mindful modern people.
Candid, unrehearsed, soulful images capturing feelings.
Directed statement shots for your family chronicles.

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