Well, hello there again!

I am Xenia (pronounced KSE-nee-uh), and I'm a photographer on a journey that started when I was just 19 years old. Though my formal education led me into the world of tourism, hospitality, and the restaurant business, my heart found its way to the art of photography.

Growing up in the enchanting city of Saint-Petersburg, Russia, with its rich history and breathtaking architecture, I was surrounded by inspiration at every turn. My youth art-school education laid the foundation for my creative spirit.

Photography became my medium to mold and capture the world as I saw it in my mind's eye.

And, of course, there's more to me than just photography. Later in life, I was lucky to become a wife to my amazing husband, Cesar. We exchanged our vows in Ecuador on a beautiful coast overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

But there's more to our story. We are both dedicated dog people but found our hearts captivated by two adorable and incredibly loyal Oriental Shorthair cats, Boston and Moxie. They became an integral part of our family, filling our lives with joy, comfort, and companionship.

Finally, in 2022, our journey took a new and incredibly rewarding turn as we became parents to our beloved son, Luan. This addition to our family has brought a world of love and inspiration.

Xenia Helix, talented photographer, holds camera in captivating black & white portrait

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Xenia Facts

Other Things

I'm a passionate organizer and proud plant mama!

Fun fact: If photography hadn't taken center stage in my life, I'd probably be pursuing a career as a therapist because my enthusiasm for psychology knows no bounds.

Board games are my favorite, especially non-competitive ones.

Before baby, I had time to crochet, cross stitch, garden, endure on DIY projects, and cook fancy dinners.

I love a good murder mystery and especially to read a vintage detective.

Hard rock, bachata, and classical music cozyly share space in my heart.

Oh yes, and tea! I loooove tea and collect adventurous flavors.

Makes Me Cringe

Water chestnuts and styrofoam! The mere sound of styrofoam prompts a swift exit from the room (for survival, you know), and as for water chestnuts, they give me that cringe-inducing sensation as if my teeth are grinding on stones.

I hate salesy sales! I can't stand it and hence will never do it to anyone else.

Another one you didn't expect - electric slide, cupid shuffle, and cha-cha slide!! I will photograph you, of course, dancing, but I will die inside just a little.

Makes Me Mellow

Family cuddle time in bed with all the cats
A wedding movie (surprise!)
Reading on a rainy day
Meaningful deep conversations
French onion soup (!)