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About Boston wedding photographer Xenia Helix, and her hundredth attempt to write down this section. 

Something old, something new,

something timeless, something YOU !

Hi! I am Xenia, a wedding photographer located in Boston, MA.

I am so happy you stopped by to see me! That probably means - you are on your seeking-for-photographer-journey right now and I am so excited for you, you are about to get extraordinary pictures soon!

As you probably already noticed, my personal passion is wedding photography. I love pictures that are honest and true to you. I know magic tricks how to flip reality using light and air to make it look so elegant and so complimentary, showing of your unique beauty and capturing your story. As a storyteller, I receive the biggest joy when my clients tear up seeing the pictures, because it is truly about THEM.

My education at the art school allows me to see light, tone and composition through the prism of classical school of painting knowledge and mix it with my passion for editorial and edgy imagery. I juggle between Tim Burton's fairytales, Disney movies, Rembrandt, glamour portraits and candid photography, to bring the magic of the day to live forever in your photographs.

As a an extremely trained and educated photo-editing professional, with a fashion sense and taste for distinctive colors and textures, I feel that it is a crime to remove my clients's colors and mood of the day, paying tribute to temporarily trends in the wedding industry.


My only goal is to enhance reality, but never to change it, so when the years pass by, you still can relive your wedding day, through the pictures that captured moments in time and place.

In my spare time, when I am not enjoying staying home and watching Netflix with my beloved husband, polishing it with jalapeño quesadillas, I could be caught having a board game night with friends while sipping on a refreshing jalapeño margarita (noticed the spicy trend?!).


Life Facts

Ok, enough about me !

I hope we are already like good friends. Can't wait for you to tell me about your wedding plans or any other photosession ideas you may have. 

Here is to


Our gorgeous wedding pictures - Juan Pablo, Ecuador

My portraits - Julia Malisheva, Boston and my husband