Leona & Daniel

Early Fall engagement photosession at Copley Square, MA

Surrounded by the charm of Copley Square's historic buildings and bustling streets, Leona and Daniel shared sweet moments that truly captured the essence of their relationship.

One special location we couldn't resist was the Stephen L. Brown Building stairs, where Leona and Daniel first met while working there. It was a poignant moment to capture their love against the backdrop of this meaningful spot.

After a change of outfit, we continued our journey down Boylston Street, where we stopped to grab a coffee and snap a few more pictures. The bustling energy of the city added an extra layer of charm to their engagement session.

Tips for Your Copley Square Engagement Session

Copley Square's iconic backdrop and vibrant energy make it a popular choice for engagement photos. To help you capture your love story amidst the Boston charm, here are some tips:

  • Dress for the Setting: Coordinate outfits that complement the season and Copley Square's elegant vibe. Solid colors photograph well, and avoid overly busy patterns.
  • Seasonality: Early fall offers vibrant foliage, while spring bursts with blooms. Winter's snow creates a romantic atmosphere, while summer provides lush greenery. Consider the mood you want and choose accordingly.
  • Boston Public Library Steps: Channel literary romance against the iconic backdrop. Nestled amongst the columns or strolling hand-in-hand up the steps, create timeless images.
  • The Trinity Church Backdrop: Its Gothic architecture provides a dramatic contrast to your love story. Capture photos under the trees or utilize the grand entrance for a classic portrait.
  • Everchanging Downtown: Downtown Boston is always on the move! Imagine showing up at your first date cafe, only to find it's now a bubble tea shop. Before planning your photoshoot, double-check that your desired locations are still around and not under construction.

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Q: Where can we change outfits during our engagement session at Copley Square?

A: Opt for outfits that are easy to change (don't require another person's help). The best bet is to change in the cafe bathroom, be nice, and buy something from them :) Most bigger restaurants won't allow anyone in their bathroom except guests.

Q: Is Copley Square crowded for engagement photos?

A: While Copley Square can be bustling with activity, especially on weekends, we strategically plan our sessions to capture intimate moments away from the crowds. With careful timing and creative angles, we ensure your photos highlight the beauty of the square without the distractions.

Q: Can we include our furry friend in the engagement session?

A: Absolutely! We welcome pets to join in on the fun. Just be sure to bring along any necessary supplies to keep them comfortable and content throughout the session.