Abby & Bart

Romantic and timeless Jewish-Scottish wedding at The Bradley Estate, MA

On a radiant September day, the Bradley Estate in Massachusetts became the setting for a wedding as unique as the couple it celebrated. Abby & Bart, blending their Jewish and Scottish heritage, crafted a day filled with tradition, love, and a touch of the unexpected.

The Bradley Estate stands as a quintessential example of early 20th-century elegance and design. This stunning property, once the home of Dr. Arthur Tracey Cabot, was built in 1902 and has since been a beacon of history, beauty, and tranquility, making it an ideal setting for weddings and special events.

The Bradley Estate is available for events on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Seating inside the mansion is up to 80 guests, or you can create your ideal setting underneath a tented reception for up to 180 guests. 

About The Day

Capturing Abby and Bart's wedding was a deep dive into a celebration where love effortlessly transcended boundaries, and traditions beautifully brought people together. Each photo taken was more than just a freeze-frame; it was a cherished memory, a vivid narrative, and a snapshot of the day two souls intertwined.

From the heartfelt ketubah signing to the joyful hora dances, each picture provided a glimpse into Abby and Bart's unique journey together. Yet, it was the subtle, intimate moments – the looks shared under the chuppah, the spontaneous laughter during a dance – that genuinely showcased the essence of their bond.

First Look & Couple's Portraits

Before the ceremony unfolded, Abby and Bart shared a profoundly intimate first look that set the tone for their beautiful day. In the seclusion of Bradley Estate's lesser-known alcoves, away from the early arrivals and the hustle of staff preparing the reception tent, we captured the raw emotion and anticipation of the couple seeing each other for the first time on their wedding day. This moment of tranquility and connection allowed them to truly soak in the significance of their commitment before joining their guests.

Following the first look, we ventured into a portrait session, carefully selecting hidden spots around the estate. These quiet corners not only offered a stunning backdrop, free from interruptions, but also mirrored the couple's desire for a day that felt personal and deeply connected to the natural beauty surrounding them.

Whether it's the grandeur of the main house, the structured elegance of the formal gardens, or the natural splendor of the surrounding conservation land, the Bradley Estate provides a uniquely beautiful setting for weddings. Its blend of history, architecture, and nature makes it not just a venue, but a destination where couples can create unforgettable memories against a backdrop of timeless beauty.

Family Formals & Wedding Party

In the midst of Abby and Bart's unique celebration, the family formals carved out their own special place, capturing moments of joy and togetherness. Despite the absence of an official wedding party, each family member and guest beautifully echoed the day's theme and colors through their attire, with Bart's mom notably shining in what could only be described as the Xenia's award for the best-dressed Mother of the Groom.

I always emphasize the importance of these family portraits, understanding their growing sentimental value over time. It’s these images that become cherished tokens of loved ones gathered together in celebration. At this wedding, the sheer joy and unity during these sessions made them a personal favorite of mine.

While I can’t share every image, I seize every opportunity to capture individual portraits and moments within the group — like grandparents sweetly reenacting their wedding day kiss. These snapshots extend beyond the day itself, preserving the essence of family and love that surrounds Abby and Bart.


Nestled in the lush gardens of the Bradley Estate, the ceremony was a beautiful fusion of Jewish and Scottish traditions. The signing of the ketubah, a work of art, preceded the vows under a handcrafted chuppah, symbolizing the couple's sheltered life together. A unique addition was the book treasure chest, containing favorite books that represented their personalities, to be opened in future years, weaving a new tradition into their story.


The reception unfolded in a beautifully adorned tent situated near the Bradley Estate's main mansion. The evening was marked by heartfelt family speeches that echoed laughter and love under the canvas sky. The dance floor was alive with energy, showcasing unstoppable dancing that invited every guest to join in the celebration. A highlight of the evening was the hora, a spirited and joyous tradition that lifted Abby and Bart in a whirl of happiness and unity.

Abby and Bart's wedding at the Bradley Estate was more than just a marriage of two people; it was a celebration of heritage, love, and the beautiful tapestry of family and friends that support them. Their day was a reminder of the profound joy and lasting memories that weddings bring into our lives.

Tips for Couples Planning Their Wedding at The Bradley Estate:

  • Embrace the Estate's Natural Beauty: The Bradley Estate's gardens and landscapes are breathtaking. Plan your ceremony or photo sessions around the golden hour for soft, natural lighting that enhances the beauty of the surroundings. Utilize the formal gardens for a serene ceremony backdrop or for intimate portrait sessions.
  • Utilize the Tent for Your Reception: The tent near the main mansion provides a perfect blend of outdoor charm and indoor comfort. Decorate the tent with lighting that complements the natural setting—think fairy lights or lanterns—to create a magical atmosphere as the evening progresses.
  • Incorporate the Estate's History into Your Theme: The Bradley Estate's rich history and architecture provide a unique theme for your wedding. Consider incorporating elements that nod to its heritage, such as vintage or garden-inspired decor, to enhance the historical ambiance.
  • Embrace the Moment: Above all, the Bradley Estate offers a once-in-a-lifetime backdrop for your wedding. Take moments throughout your day to soak in the beauty of the estate and the significance of your celebration.

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More Details about The Bradley Estate property

The Main House

At the heart of the Bradley Estate is its main house, a majestic Georgian-style mansion that exudes classic charm and sophistication. With its beautifully preserved architectural details, the main house serves not only as a breathtaking backdrop for wedding photos but also as a welcoming space for intimate gatherings. Its rooms, adorned with period-appropriate decor and furnishings, offer a glimpse into a bygone era of luxury and attention to detail, providing a warm and elegant environment for celebrations.

The Formal Garden

Surrounding the main house, the formal gardens are a masterpiece of landscape design, featuring meticulously manicured lawns, an array of colorful flower beds, and serene woodland paths. The gardens follow a traditional layout, with symmetrical arrangements that guide visitors through a variety of visual and sensory experiences. Central to the garden's design is a stunning reflecting pool, which adds a peaceful and romantic ambiance perfect for outdoor ceremonies or cocktail hours. Throughout the seasons, the gardens transform with bursts of color and life, providing an ever-changing backdrop that is both inspiring and photogenic.

Beauty All Around

Beyond the main house and formal gardens, the Bradley Estate encompasses over 90 acres of conservation land, offering endless opportunities for exploration and photography. The property's trails wind through picturesque woodlands, open fields, and along gentle streams, inviting couples and guests alike to connect with the natural beauty of Massachusetts. This blend of cultivated gardens and wild landscapes ensures that every wedding at the Bradley Estate is surrounded by beauty in all forms.