Cathy & Aidan

A Timeless Blend of Love and Tradition at Harrington Farm Wedding, Princeton, MA

Welcome to the magical wedding journey of Cathy & Aidan, where love, tradition, and celebration come together in a beautiful fusion of Vietnamese and American cultures. Set against the picturesque backdrop of Harrington Farm in Princeton, MA, this wedding is a true testament to romance and timeless elegance.

Harrington Farm is a full-service wedding venue with a professional team that will treat your event with the utmost care, attention to detail, and authentic personal touches. From the grandeur of the reception hall to the serene beauty of the outdoor spaces, every detail of Harrington Farm added to the magic of the occasion. With its elegant interiors and lush gardens, it provided the perfect setting for Cathy & Aidan's special day. With its elegant interiors and lush gardens, it provided the perfect setting for Cathy & Aidan's special day.

About The Couple

Cathy & Aidan are a dynamic duo whose love story began in college. Their connection was instant, leading to a beautiful journey of friendship, love, and partnership. After two years of engagement, they were finally ready to say "I do" and embark on the next chapter of their lives together.

Their proposal was a beautiful blend of romance and spontaneity. Aidan planned a picnic in the park, complete with a hidden photographer to capture the moment. Excited to start their wedding planning journey, Cathy and Aidan envisioned a day filled with romance, class, and timeless elegance.

Getting Ready

For Cathy, the getting-ready process was a special moment shared with her bridesmaids and her mom at Chocksett Inn in Sterling, MA. Embracing her Vietnamese heritage, Cathy donned a stunning traditional attire, a nod to her cultural roots. The bridal party also adorned similar attire, adding a touch of authenticity to the celebration.

  • The traditional Vietnamese wedding dress is called "ao dai." It is a long, flowing garment typically worn by both brides and grooms on their wedding day. The ao dai is known for its elegant and form-fitting design, often featuring intricate embroidery and delicate details that reflect the cultural heritage and traditions of Vietnam.
  • The traditional Vietnamese wedding hair piece is called a "khan dong." It is a decorative headdress typically worn by brides as part of their traditional attire. The khan dong is often adorned with elaborate designs, including flowers, pearls, and other embellishments, and it is worn to complement the ao dai and complete the bridal look.

Family Formals & Wedding Party

Family formals are a crucial part of any wedding, capturing cherished moments with your closest friends and family. However, navigating this process can sometimes be a bit chaotic, with the need to organize and ensure everyone is included. That's why I make it a priority to help my clients plan ahead and create a comprehensive list for smooth family formals.

At Cathy & Aidan's wedding, everything went smoothly during this part of the day. We had plenty of time to capture beautiful family portraits without feeling rushed.

When it comes to wedding party photos, I like to take a big group shot first, followed by separate shots from each side of the couple's friends and family. This ensures that everyone feels included and gets their moment in the spotlight. If time permits, I will take portraits of each wedding party attendant individually and/or with their significant other if applicable.

While I won't overwhelm you with Cathy & Aidan's group photo here, you're welcome to check out their wedding day gallery for the full collection of images.

Couple's Portraits

Truly my favorite part of the day. Finally, I have the lovebirds all to myself, allowing for uninterrupted time to capture creativity, candid moments, and the statement pictures they've dreamed of.

Cathy & Aidan chose the meadow at Harrington Farm for their couple's portraits. It was the quietest and most private spot for us that day, although Harrington Farm offers many other wonderful corners for wedding pictures. We were blessed with a soft-glow light reflecting off yellow flowers, creating a picturesque scene. My favorite moments, as always, happened between the poses. The way they looked at each other, thinking I was not photographing, was absolutely endearing.


As Cathy was walking down the aisle, a gentle rain began to fall, casting a magical aura over the ceremony. Undeterred by the weather, Cathy and Aidan stood hand in hand, declaring their love for each other amidst the soft patter of raindrops. It was a moment of pure romance and serenity, symbolizing their commitment to weather life's storms together with unwavering love and devotion. The rain only added to the beauty of the day, creating a poignant backdrop for their heartfelt vows and sealing their union in a shower of blessings.

Ceremonial Rituals:

In traditional Vietnamese weddings, rituals like the tea ceremony and exchange of vows hold great significance. However, modern couples often adapt these customs to reflect their unique preferences and values. For instance, the tea ceremony, a symbol of respect and gratitude to the couple's parents, may be simplified or combined with other ceremonial elements to streamline the proceedings. This blending of tradition and personalization allows couples like Cathy & Aidan to honor Cathy's cultural heritage while celebrating their love in a way that feels authentic and meaningful to them.


Harrington Farm's barn is a truly unique venue for any reception. Made entirely of mortise and tenon oak, the barn boasts hammer-beam trusses that give it a rustic look and feel, soaring over 30 feet to the peak. A working 10-foot wide fieldstone fireplace and Steinway Grand Piano complete the space.

For their decor, Cathy & Aidan chose elegant cream colors of roses, white orchids, and white hydrangeas, complemented by warm tones of candlelight.

During the reception, Cathy changed into yet another stunning wedding dress! It was magnificent, adorned with 3D appliqué of exquisite flowers that perfectly complemented her bouquet.

The reception was filled with heartfelt moments. Speeches from loved ones brought tears of joy and laughter, creating an atmosphere of love and warmth.

Later in the evening, the couple and I snuck out for nighttime portraits, which turned out absolutely enchanting. We then returned for a delicious cake cutting and to dance the night away.

Tips for Couples Planning Their Wedding at Harrington Farm:

  • Schedule a Venue Tour: Before making any decisions, schedule a tour of Harrington Farm to explore the venue's various spaces and amenities. This will give you a firsthand look at the barn, outdoor ceremony locations, and reception areas.
  • Book Early: Harrington Farm is a popular wedding venue, so it's essential to book early to secure your desired date. Start the booking process as soon as you've decided on a wedding date to avoid disappointment. Also, keep in mind that Harrington Farm has sales on specific dates! Life happens, and unfortunately, some dates never book, while others become available through cancellations. Hence, they offer incentivized dates for couples looking for great value.
  • Consider the Season: Harrington Farm offers stunning outdoor spaces, so consider the season when planning your wedding. Spring and summer weddings allow you to take advantage of the lush greenery and blooming flowers, while fall weddings offer picturesque foliage, and winter weddings can be made extremely cozy utilizing both fireplaces.
  • Customize Your Decor: The barn at Harrington Farm provides a beautiful blank canvas for your wedding decor. Consider personalizing the space with your choice of flowers, lighting, and other decorations to reflect your style and vision.

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