Natalia & Tom


Natalia and Tom's wedding day at the Lyman Estate in Massachusetts was a blend of elegance, heartfelt moments, and some pretty slick dance moves. It's not every day you see a couple who met at Wellesley College (yep, she's an alum, and he was there for a short stint) bring their love full circle by tying the knot at one of the most charming estates around.

Lyman Estate is a hidden gem in Waltham, MA, known for its grand architecture and stunning grounds. It's like stepping into another era, where each room tells a story, and the gardens whisper secrets of the past. Perfect for weddings, the estate offers a mix of indoor elegance in its ballroom and outdoor beauty with its expansive lawns and gardens.

Natalia and Tom made a fantastic choice!

Wellesley College features an array of architectural marvels, from historic buildings to modern structures, each adding its unique charm. The gothic-style towers and classic brick facades serve as elegant backdrops, imbuing photographs with a timeless quality. The intricate details of these buildings provide a contrast to the softer elements of nature found throughout the campus.

About The Day

Natalia and Tom's wedding at the Lyman Estate was a heartfelt blend of elegance and emotion.

Despite the rain, their indoor ceremony was intimate and tear-filled.

Highlights included a sophisticated cocktail hour in the library, a stunning cake cutting on the grand staircase, and a transformed ballroom for dinner and dancing.

Their first dance and the parent dances were incredibly touching. Before the ceremony, the couple and their wedding party took advantage of the gorgeous grounds of Wellesley College for breathtaking portraits, adding a personal touch to their special day. Their joyful exit into the night marked the beginning of their new chapter together.

Getting Ready

Natalia's wedding day began at the hotel and then smoothly moved into a new location with a touch of literary elegance, as she chose the historic Shakespeare House at Wellesley College for her getting-ready photos.

Established in 1877, this neo-Elizabethan structure is a tribute to William Shakespeare, mirroring his birthplace in Stratford, England. It's not just an architectural gem but a vibrant center for the Shakespeare Society, hosting productions, lectures, and celebrations.

Here, amidst the echoes of Shakespeare's words and the beauty of a garden inspired by his works, Natalia's preparations added a layer of timeless grace to their special day.

First Look & Wedding Party

Natalia and Tom chose the scenic Wellesley College for their first look and wedding party pictures, infusing their day with the beauty and serenity of this iconic campus. The moment they saw each other for the first time, set against the backdrop of lush greenery and historic buildings, was pure magic. It was a private, emotional exchange that perfectly captured their deep connection.

Couple's Portraits

Each photo spot was carefully chosen to reflect the elegance and joy of the day. The laughter and love shared during these moments were evident in every shot, creating unforgettable memories amidst the places that played a significant role in their journey together. my personal favorite moment is that Natalia stayed true to her favorite snack - plantain chips even on a wedding day :)

The Lyman Estate

Don't be surprised by Natalia's getting ready photos again, I didn't make a mistake by posting them twice. Thanks to Natalia and Tom's impeccable planning, they had wisely built buffer time into their schedule, to ensure moments of rest and relaxation amidst the day's excitement.

Natalia and her bridesmaids took this opportunity to step out of their formal dresses and slip into comfortable robes. This pause in the day's activities allowed them to unwind and share in some quiet, cherished moments together. They filled this time with laughter, shared stories, and perhaps a glass of champagne or two, creating a peaceful interlude before the ceremony.


The rain, far from dampening spirits, added to the intimate and cozy atmosphere of the indoor ceremony. As guests gathered in the Lyman Estate's elegant ballroom, the sound of raindrops against the windows lent a romantic backdrop to the vows that Natalia and Tom were about to exchange. The ceremony was so warm, intimate, emotional, and filled with tears of joy, it captured everyone's hearts.


Following the ceremony, the cocktail hour unfolded in the estate's library, a space filled with the warmth of history and the buzz of joyful conversation. The evening's festivities transitioned to the grand staircase for the cutting of the cake and beautiful toasts, a setting that lent itself to the elegance and grandeur of the occasion.

Meanwhile, the estate's skilled catering crew worked behind the scenes to transform the ballroom from a ceremonial space to a sumptuous dinner setting, and later, back again for an evening of dancing. It was here, on the dance floor, that Natalia and Tom truly shone. Both seasoned dancers, they captivated their guests with a tender first dance that spoke volumes of their love and partnership.

As the night drew to a close, Natalia and Tom made their grand exit through a corridor of waving guests, a symbolic run into the next chapter of their lives together.

Tips for Couples Planning Their Wedding at The Lyman Estate:

  • Catering, Tent, and Alcohol: Keep in mind that the Lyman Estate works ONLY with exclusive vendors of those categories - caterers, tents, and alcohol providers. With the exception of wedding cakes and dessert vendors.
  • Save on decor: The Lyman Estate's 37 acres of grounds and its mansion are absolutely stunning as is. You don't need to "fix" the place with decor. You can minimally and strategically use it to support your color theme. The charm and the character of The Estate make it a perfect canvas for elegant weddings.
  • Layout: The Lyman Estate mansion has an interesting layout (please see a plan below). For larger weddings, dinner tables can be set up throughout the first floor, meaning not all your guests will be in the same room seeing each other. Capacity: 125 for a seated dinner in the mansion; 150 for a cocktail reception in the mansion; 200 for a tented event.

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